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    Replay Value: Saturday, January 23

    This week was dominated by the presence of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. From its sneaky App Store appearance to our review a few days later, and then the news of GTA:CW’s subsequent dominance of the App Store, this was Rockstar’s week. But that’s not all that happened, and we’ve got dozens of stories worth reading up on. (more…)

      Wall Street Journal Reports Probable iSlate Details

      The latest article to dive into the raging torrent of rumors and conjecture surrounding Apple’s as-yet-unannounced tablet computer comes from The Wall Street Journal. It’s filled to the brim with people refusing to confirm or deny facts, and even more full of anonymous sources. But in spite of that, WSJ’s long history and reputation for journalistic integrity has led us to believe that at the very least, they’re reporting on credible information, if not 100% complete. (more…)

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        Riddim Ribbon Due Out February 8th

        Game developer Tapulous announced today that they are close to completing their next title, Riddim Ribbon, a music-themed racing game that is due to arrive on the App Store on Monday, February 8th. (more…)

          GDC Awards Favor iPhone In Handheld Category

          In what we think is a very good sign for iPhone game development, the Game Developers Choice Awards recently announced their nominees and several iPhone games were included. The awards honor eleven different categories of gaming such as Best Game Design, but the most significant to us was the Best Handheld Game section. (more…)


          Official SEGA Emulator Coming to iPhone

          Titled Ultimate Genesis, this emulator program is scheduled to be released onto the App Store in early February for the low, low price of free. The software will come bundled with one free game, Space Harrier 2, and will launch with four games available to buy as in-app purchases: Sonic the Hedgehog ($5.99), Golden Axe ($4.99), Ecco the Dolphin ($2.99), and Shining Force ($2.99). (more…)

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          GTA: Chinatown Wars Top Grossing on App Store in Two Days

          In just its second day on the App Store, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has reached the number one spot on Apple’s official top grossing apps list, removing Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies. (more…)


          Crush the Castle Gets Big Update; 50% Revenue to Haiti Relief

          The popular iPhone game Crush the Castle now has a new update that nearly doubles the amount of content in the original release, plus offers brand new weapons and even a level editor. In addition to all of its new update plans, Crush the Castle has announced that 50 percent of its revenue from Crush the Castle from January 18-22 will go to Haiti earthquake relief funds. (more…)


          Pocket God Sells 2 Million

          The developers behind one of the seminal iPhone classics, Pocket God, announced today that the game has sold more than 2 million copies. No other paid app has ever reached the 2 million threshold, making this the highest selling paid game in the App Store’s short history. (more…)

            Apple, Devs Have Lost Half a Billion to Pirates

            In a recent article published on 24/7 Wall St. analysts have estimated that App Store thieves may be downloading as much as $4.59 billion in stolen merchandise. Beat that, Somali pirates! (more…)


            Dawn of the Dead iPhone Game Coming Soon

            Developer Byte Mark announced this week that they are bringing George Romero’s seminal horror title Dawn of the Dead to the iPhone in the form of a twin-stick shooter. Apparently the game has just been submitted to Apple for approval, and the company says it will be available soon. (more…)

              MyTown Population Reaches 450,000

              Developer Booyah announced today that their unique augmented reality/social gaming hybrid MyTown has reached a population of 450,000 users, among other impressive statistics. The game is currently free to play and available now. (more…)

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              Speed Forge Extreme Review

              Though we were pretty disappointed with December’s futuristic racer Low Grav Racer 2, it wasn’t long before the App Store received another offering in this fantastic genre. Speed Forge Extreme is far from perfect, but it is one of the better futuristic racers to be released in a while. (more…)


              Secret Exit Confirms Zen Bound 2 In Development

              Zen Bound was one of the very first iPhone games that truly served to legitimize the platform. While console gamers were busy lambasting the system for its overabundance of cheap, throwaway games, iPhone gamers were enjoying one of the most sublime puzzle games since Tetris. (more…)


              Is The $.99 Price Push Stifling Developers?

              Has pricing gone too low on the App Store? Capy (formerly Capybara, the makers of Critter Crunch) co-founder Nathan Vella certainly thinks so, and he let his voice be heard recently in an interview with developer-focused gaming site Gamasutra. (more…)


              Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut Announced, Hitting App Store Soon

              From the company that brought us the superlative iPhone adventure Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered several months ago comes the announcement that their upcoming game will be very similar. Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut is also going to be a remastered version of a classic adventure experience. (more…)


              Sam Jackson App Makes Your iPhone Yell

              Hot on the heels of the stalker-esque Kevin Smith app we wrote about last week comes a similar, yet undoubtedly more awesome celebrity-themed app. iSamJackson came out on the App Store today and promises to be the definitive smartphone application for emulating Samuel L. Jackson, and/or yelling about Snakes on a Plane. (more…)

                Apple Improves Game Submission Process

                If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in just about every press release that comes through our inbox about a newly finished iPhone game, it’s the statement ‘we’ve just submitted our code to Apple for approval so it should be up on the store… sometime.’ (more…)


                Battle for Wesnoth Review

                Even in the wake of the release of Ravensword, the massive action-RPG from Chillingo, The Battle for Wesnoth stands as one of the largest, most epic games yet released on the iPhone. It has its fair share of issues, but you wont find a better value. With around 190 missions that generally take at least 30 minutes apiece, often running an hour or longer, it could easily take well over 125 hours to fully beat this game. Whether or not you want to buy this product will depend largely on whether or not you’re willing to invest that amount of time into a relatively standard turn-based high-fantasy RPG. (more…)

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                OpenFeint to Release iPhone App, Website

                In a move to further assert their dominance over the iPhone social network scene, OpenFeint has revealed that they are planning to release a standalone App that will allow users to access all of the functionality of their service, but without having to open a game that uses it. (more…)

                  Gameloft Passes 10 Million Games Sold

                  Gameloft has announced this week that they have sold 10 million games, with big time releases like NOVA, HAWX, and Avatar leading the charge. The company also distributed games like Driver, Asphalt 5, and Shrek Kart. (more…)


                  Karnival Review

                  Carnivals are fun. Karnival is not fun. While the real thing may be a joyous melange of cotton candy, strange carnies, and deep strategic decisions as you try to stretch your tokens as far as possible, Karnival is devoid of any such fun. That’s not to say that carnies and cotton candy are a must-have for every game based on the concept of carnivals, but it’s the spirit and atmosphere of these fun events that is missing from this game. (more…)

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