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Myst Sequel Riven Coming to iPhone

The Myst series has been lauded for years as the greatest adventure games ever made, though early LucasArts fans might have something to say about that. Now the sequel to Myst, Riven, is officially coming to iDevices soon. (more…)


Board Game App Announced for iPad

Despite mixed feelings about the iPad that are cropping up in the Apple community, there’s one thing that just about everyone has been at least somewhat excited about: the possibility of board games on the device. (more…)

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Vib-Ribbon-esque Tune Racer Announced by Appy

Only the hardest of the hardcore PlayStation fans will remember Vib-Ribbon, a truly unique game for its time that installed itself on the system’s RAM and then used the music of a CD inserted in the PS1 disc tray to randomly create levels. (more…)


Rise of the Triad Coming to iPhone

Rise of the Triad, by legendary first-person shooter developer Apogee Software, has just been confirmed for iPhone. The developers announced that a port of the original 1994 game will soon be available on the App Store. (more…)

    Replay Value: Saturday, February 6

    It’s nice to have a break. This week wasn’t quite as busy in the world of the iPhone as the last few were, but that doesn’t mean it was boring. The possible confirmation of retro-styled Sonic 4 coming to the iPhone made many gamers happy, and some great games that earned our top score hit the App Store, too. Because you might have been bogged down at work or in a coma for the past week, we’ve assembled this week’s stories into a neatly-wrapped package after the jump. (more…)

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      First Details of Hook Champ Follow-Up, Avalanche Game

      Hook Champ is one of the personal favorites of many Slide to Play staff members, and we recently upgraded our score of the game to “Must Have” status. So it’s with great joy that we anticipate Rocketcat Games’ successor to Hook Champ, tentatively titled Avalanche Game. (more…)

        WoW Auction House Coming to iPhone

        For many obsessive World of Warcraft players, the in-game Auction House is basically a virtual-world stock market. They’ll log in obsessively just to check the going rate for crafting materials, and now they’ll be able to facilitate their addiction without having to be near a computer. (more…)

          New Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer Game Announced

          Assassin’s Creed 2 Discovery just launched a few days ago, but we’re already hearing news from Ubisoft that an all-new multiplayer game is being developed. (more…)


          Steam Pirates Delayed

          Oyaji Games has announced today that their highly anticipated follow-up to the fantastic Mecho Wars will unfortunately be delayed. (more…)


          X2 Snowboarding Revealed, Release Date Announced

          X2 Games has announced that they are currently developing a brand new iPhone snowboarding game, dubbed X2 Snowboarding. (more…)

            Square Enix Developing New RPG for iPhone

            A job posting on the Square Enix website recently revealed that they are currently working with Media.Vision on a new, unannounced RPG project for the iPhone. However, since the website is entirely in Japanese, it’s hard to glean any other details from the posting. (more…)

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              Revolutionary Concepts Reveal New iPad Game

              The team who brought the awesome Cobra Command to iPhone have announced that they are working on an all-new title for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. (more…)

                Replay Value: Saturday, January 30

                Well, we don’t need to tell you what the big news in the Apple world was this week. Whatever your feelings on the iPad, whether it’s disappointment or excitement, we’ve had some great coverage of the device since its announcement, including awesome hands-on gameplay videos of the iPad in action on the show floor. (more…)

                  Nintendo: iPad Just A Big iPod Touch

                  File this firmly into the category of “Oh snap! No they didn’t!” Today Nintendo has spoken out publicly against the iPad, and they’re not exactly fans of Apple’s latest creation. (more…)


                  Free Waterslide Ad Game Hits 10 Million Downloads

                  Never underestimate the outstanding power of the word “free”. Barclaycard announced this week that their sky-high water park simulation Waterslide Extreme has reached the extraordinary landmark of 10 million users. (more…)

                    Ngmoco Producing New Game: Godfinger

                    Ngmoco, publisher of Rolando 2 and Star Defense, has officially announced the next game they’ll be publishing, GodFinger. (more…)


                    Flight Control Sells 2 Million, iPad Version Coming

                    The game that may one day become known as the seminal iPhone classic, Flight Control has officially passed the landmark two million sales barrier. It is the second game to do so, behind only Pocket God in the race to two million. Also, the developers have announced that an iPad-optimized version is in the works. (more…)

                      Breaking News: Apple Tablet Confirmed

                      One highly inconsiderate CEO from McGraw Hill has officially spilled Apple’s beans with regards to the Apple tablet. While speaking on a stock market watch program on CNBC, Terry McGraw said that his company’s textbooks will in fact be appearing on the yet-to-be-announced device, and that Apple will be announcing it tomorrow. (more…)

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                        Tablets With Game Apps Detected in Apple HQ

                        We don’t really need further evidence that Apple’s latest device to be announced at the Jan. 27th event will be the “iSlate” tablet device. But now an independent company is reporting that its software is being used inside Apple headquarters on 50 unknown devices matching the characteristics of a tablet computer. (more…)

                          Replay Value: Saturday, January 23

                          This week was dominated by the presence of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. From its sneaky App Store appearance to our review a few days later, and then the news of GTA:CW’s subsequent dominance of the App Store, this was Rockstar’s week. But that’s not all that happened, and we’ve got dozens of stories worth reading up on. (more…)

                            Wall Street Journal Reports Probable iSlate Details

                            The latest article to dive into the raging torrent of rumors and conjecture surrounding Apple’s as-yet-unannounced tablet computer comes from The Wall Street Journal. It’s filled to the brim with people refusing to confirm or deny facts, and even more full of anonymous sources. But in spite of that, WSJ’s long history and reputation for journalistic integrity has led us to believe that at the very least, they’re reporting on credible information, if not 100% complete. (more…)

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