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Blast Off Review

We’ve never lost a man in space, and gosh darnit we’re not going to start now! It was with this kind of NASA-like zeal that we began our journey into outer space with the physics-based game Blast Off. Before long, however, minor frustrations drove off any hope of lasting interest. (more…)


Small World for iPad Review

The promise of the iPad to revitalize the board game industry was obvious from the outset, and Apple never really shied away from that lofty aspiration. However, as of the system’s launch we’re not seeing the critical mass of board games that we assumed we would. So far we’ve got Small World, BoardBox, and Scrabble. And, well, that’s about it. (more…)

    Replay Value: Sunday, March 14

    With the annual Game Developers Conference occurring this week, we had lots of interesting previews to share with you. We’ve got hands-on reports on tons of awesome games like the unique Sketch Nation, the blockbuster Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the utterly adorable Pocket Creatures. (more…)

      Replay Value: Sunday, March 7

      Things finally cooled down a bit this week, after the insane number of positive reviews from last week. This week was a little different. Instead of an avalanche, we got just a few really big, interesting news announcements. And while there were plenty of good games reviewed this week, we got only one major bombshell. (more…)

        Replay Value: Saturday, February 27

        This week on Slide To Play we reviewed both Final Fantasy games, plus the spectacular Artist Colony, Transformers G1 Awakening, and Brothers in Arms 2. We also covered some disappointments like Rise of the Triad and Noby Noby Boy. (more…)

          Ngmoco Raises $25 Million to Buy Freeverse

          In an attempt to build Ngmoco into a company so large that it can stand above the competition, Ngmoco has raised a large amount of venture capital. They’ve also begun acquisitions of the game Charadium and the entire company of Freeverse. (more…)

            Replay Value: Saturday, February 20

            The hits keep coming this week, as Parachute Ninja and Space Miner were some surprising Must Haves. Plus, we posted great reviews of Plants vs Zombies (in video and text) and the long-awaited Across Age. (more…)

              Ngmoco’s Rolando 3 Going Freemium

              In an interview with IGN, Ngmoco CEO Neil Young says that several different factors (piracy, among other complaints) make it unlikely that Rolando 3 will come out at a high, premium price. Instead, Ngmoco wants to move the rest of its business in the direction of its recent releases, Touch Pets Dogs and Eliminate Pro. (more…)


              Cheap Shot: Robot Rampage

              In Robot Rampage, you’re placed in the giant metal shoes of an alien destroyer sent to Earth to level block after block of buildings while incinerating the very best that the puny Earthling armies have to throw at you. If that doesn’t have you sold already, then we don’t know what’s going to do the trick. (more…)

                Replay Value: Saturday, February 13

                The second week of February turned out to be a big one! We had some great news come down the pipe that the sequel to Myst, Riven, will be coming to the iPhone. We also got some really neat exclusive details from Gamerizon about their upcoming Chop Chop Ninja spin-offs. (more…)

                  Exclusive Previews: Chop Chop Runner and Chop Chop Tennis

                  Gamerizon, developers of the adorable Chop Chop Ninja, have informed us that they’re currently developing two new games to expand the Chop Chop series. While Chop Chop Runner does seem to pull some influence from Ninja, Chop Chop Tennis seems to be its own beast entirely, drawing only minor graphical influences from the first in the series. (more…)

                    Gamevil Reports Millions in Profits in 2009

                    Gamevil may not be the biggest iPhone game developer, but judging from their annual reports, they’re doing just great. The company is reporting big gains for the year not just in sales, but in profits as well. Sounds like we can look forward to some more Zenonia and Hyrbid-style games next year. (more…)


                    Myst Sequel Riven Coming to iPhone

                    The Myst series has been lauded for years as the greatest adventure games ever made, though early LucasArts fans might have something to say about that. Now the sequel to Myst, Riven, is officially coming to iDevices soon. (more…)

                      Replay Value: Saturday, February 6

                      It’s nice to have a break. This week wasn’t quite as busy in the world of the iPhone as the last few were, but that doesn’t mean it was boring. The possible confirmation of retro-styled Sonic 4 coming to the iPhone made many gamers happy, and some great games that earned our top score hit the App Store, too. Because you might have been bogged down at work or in a coma for the past week, we’ve assembled this week’s stories into a neatly-wrapped package after the jump. (more…)

                        First Details of Hook Champ Follow-Up, Avalanche Game

                        Hook Champ is one of the personal favorites of many Slide to Play staff members, and we recently upgraded our score of the game to “Must Have” status. So it’s with great joy that we anticipate Rocketcat Games’ successor to Hook Champ, tentatively titled Avalanche Game. (more…)

                          WoW Auction House Coming to iPhone

                          For many obsessive World of Warcraft players, the in-game Auction House is basically a virtual-world stock market. They’ll log in obsessively just to check the going rate for crafting materials, and now they’ll be able to facilitate their addiction without having to be near a computer. (more…)

                            Square Enix Developing New RPG for iPhone

                            A job posting on the Square Enix website recently revealed that they are currently working with Media.Vision on a new, unannounced RPG project for the iPhone. However, since the website is entirely in Japanese, it’s hard to glean any other details from the posting. (more…)

                              Replay Value: Saturday, January 30

                              Well, we don’t need to tell you what the big news in the Apple world was this week. Whatever your feelings on the iPad, whether it’s disappointment or excitement, we’ve had some great coverage of the device since its announcement, including awesome hands-on gameplay videos of the iPad in action on the show floor. (more…)

                                Nintendo: iPad Just A Big iPod Touch

                                File this firmly into the category of “Oh snap! No they didn’t!” Today Nintendo has spoken out publicly against the iPad, and they’re not exactly fans of Apple’s latest creation. (more…)

                                  Breaking News: Apple Tablet Confirmed

                                  One highly inconsiderate CEO from McGraw Hill has officially spilled Apple’s beans with regards to the Apple tablet. While speaking on a stock market watch program on CNBC, Terry McGraw said that his company’s textbooks will in fact be appearing on the yet-to-be-announced device, and that Apple will be announcing it tomorrow. (more…)

                                    Tablets With Game Apps Detected in Apple HQ

                                    We don’t really need further evidence that Apple’s latest device to be announced at the Jan. 27th event will be the “iSlate” tablet device. But now an independent company is reporting that its software is being used inside Apple headquarters on 50 unknown devices matching the characteristics of a tablet computer. (more…)

                                      Replay Value: Saturday, January 23

                                      This week was dominated by the presence of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. From its sneaky App Store appearance to our review a few days later, and then the news of GTA:CW’s subsequent dominance of the App Store, this was Rockstar’s week. But that’s not all that happened, and we’ve got dozens of stories worth reading up on. (more…)

                                        Wall Street Journal Reports Probable iSlate Details

                                        The latest article to dive into the raging torrent of rumors and conjecture surrounding Apple’s as-yet-unannounced tablet computer comes from The Wall Street Journal. It’s filled to the brim with people refusing to confirm or deny facts, and even more full of anonymous sources. But in spite of that, WSJ’s long history and reputation for journalistic integrity has led us to believe that at the very least, they’re reporting on credible information, if not 100% complete. (more…)

                                          Riddim Ribbon Due Out February 8th

                                          Game developer Tapulous announced today that they are close to completing their next title, Riddim Ribbon, a music-themed racing game that is due to arrive on the App Store on Monday, February 8th. (more…)

                                            GDC Awards Favor iPhone In Handheld Category

                                            In what we think is a very good sign for iPhone game development, the Game Developers Choice Awards recently announced their nominees and several iPhone games were included. The awards honor eleven different categories of gaming such as Best Game Design, but the most significant to us was the Best Handheld Game section. (more…)


                                            Pocket God Sells 2 Million

                                            The developers behind one of the seminal iPhone classics, Pocket God, announced today that the game has sold more than 2 million copies. No other paid app has ever reached the 2 million threshold, making this the highest selling paid game in the App Store’s short history. (more…)