Atari’s E.T. Dump Site to be Excavated for Documentary

On stormy days, the elders speak of a southern wasteland. They say the flora has been poisoned by a brick of unsellable Atari 2600 games that sleeps beneath the cursed sand. Now, a Canadian-based entertainment company seeks to dig up this malignant lump and bring it into the light.

In 1983, Atari released a baffling 2600 adaptation of E.T. that bombed hard at retail. It bombed so hard, in fact, that Atari reportedly made a grave for all its unsold and returned copies in an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill. The games were supposedly crushed and covered in concrete along with tons of unsold Atari systems and merchandise. It was the dawn of the 1983 video game industry crash, and folks were fed up with the Atari VCS.


The precise location of the dump has long been secret, but that’s about to change. According to local Albuquerque news site KRQE, Alamogordo’s City Commission has solidified a deal with entertainment company Fuel Industries to excavate the site and create a documentary about the 30-year-old legend about the landfill. Fuel has been granted access to the dump for six months.

Susie Galea, Alamogordo’s mayor, hopes that the dig will get more people interested in Alamogordo. She reportedly then mumbled something about the folly of disturbing the sleep of The Great Old Ones Robed in Two Colors.

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