Army of Darkness Hands-On Preview and Video

This morning we met with developer Backflip Studios (the makers of Paper Toss: World Tour, Ninjump, and Ragdoll Blaster 2), who announced that they’re working on a game called Army of Darkness. Just as we hoped, it’s a licensed title based on the 1992 horror/ comedy movie starring Bruce Campbell.

A quick briefing for those unfamiliar with the movie. Army of Darkness is the third part of the Evil Dead trilogy, in which Ash, the hero, travels back in time to the Middle Ages and has to fend off demons and protect a book called the Necronomicon in order to get back to the present.

The game Army of Darkness is a castle defense game set during the scene from the movie when Ash and co. are defending the medieval castle against invading hordes of undead baddies called Deadites. You’ll control Ash, a snarky hero you can equip with several different weapons, including a chainsaw and a boomstick (or, in layman’s terms, a shotgun). Every enemy you massacre drops coins that you can use to summon all kinds of characters from the movie, including knights, mini-Ashes, and the dumpy Oldsmobile.

As you battle through the 50 levels included in the game, you’ll hear Ash deliver a large number of quotes from the movie. (If you haven’t seen the movie, just know that it’s packed end-to-end with memorable one-liners.)

For the most part, Army of Darkness is a straight-up castle defense game. The chief difference is that that you don’t have to get your characters to the other side like in most castle defense games– you just have to worry about protecting your castle. We’re curious to see if they include any other backdrops aside from the one in the screenshots.

We should also note that there’s also an Evil Dead game in the works, although it’s being developed by a different company. Army of Darkness will be released sometime in May.

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