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Armageddon Review

Playing Armageddon on normal difficulty mode feels like an exercise in futility. To make any progress, you’re in for a slow, hard-won slog. The only way to move ahead is to replay levels you’ve already beaten in order to earn money for upgrades that will allow you to progress. It’s a bleak experience, so we’re telling you upfront: If you want to play this game, play it on easy.

On easy, Armageddon is a pretty fun game. It’s a 2D side-scrolling real-time strategy game in which you have a base on the far left side of the level and your opponent has a base on the far right. The objective is to create troops and send them over to decimate the enemy’s base. Naturally, the enemy wants to do the same thing to you.

Bringing out the big guns.

To make troops you have to spend energy. Your supply of energy constantly replenishes, but it does so very slowly. To speed up your rate of replenishment you can upgrade your battery numerous times, something you’ll need to start doing very early in each level, or else you’ll quickly be outgunned.

There are eight troops to spend this energy on, and they range from single soldiers to massive war machines, with tanks, trucks, helicopters, and more in between. You start out with only soldiers; the rest of the units must be unlocked at the in-game store between levels. This is both a curse and a blessing.

Super size your troops.

It’s good because there’s a huge amount of stuff to buy. But it’s a curse because you can usually only afford to make one purchase between each level. Granted, there are 70 levels in the game, but you’ll be itching to unlock bigger firepower early on, while you’re also dying to upgrade the troops you already own. Each troop type can be upgraded nine times, but you can also boost your army as a whole to beef up its strength, defense, energy replenishment rate, gold gain, and lots more. Did we mention the super moves you can unleash?

And that’s the best thing about Armageddon– as you progress, you get more and more cool stuff to play with. On the other hand, the levels are incredibly repetitive. The game consists of nothing more than trying to pierce your enemy’s defenses as you walk to the right. Sure, you’ll battle against different types of enemy troops, and you’ll have the option to attempt particular challenges on certain levels, but the fact remains that little changes throughout the game. Even the local multiplayer and an survival mode don’t mix up the gameplay.

If you play Armageddon on normal or hard difficulty modes, plan to pour hours and hours into replaying levels you’ve already beaten in order to advance. These difficulty modes are broken and need to be rebalanced before we can truly recommend this game. However, if you’re into unlocking cool and powerful new tools as you progress through a game, Armageddon on easy mode satisfies.

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