Apple to Stream iPad Mini Event Online

Usually Apple’s media events are exclusive shows, and you have to be a member of the tech press (like us) to see them happen live. Not today’s event. Today, if you have an Apple TV or an up-to-date version of the Safari browser, you can watch the Apple press conference live. On an Apple TV, click the “Apple Events” icon; in Safari you can watch it here. The show starts at 1 pm EST/ 10 am PST.

While we can never be sure exactly what products Apple will show off at their press events, the smart money for today’s show is on a 7.85-inch iPad mini. Rumors also suggest they might introduce a 13′ Retina MacBook Pro, an update to their desktop Mac lineup, and possibly an updated iPad 3 with a lightning connector.

Of course, not everyone will be able to stream the video live, so we’ll do a liveblog to deliver a blow-by-blow of the announcements as they happen. That’s perfect for anyone who wants to follow the show but doesn’t have the hardware to view the live stream, or if you want to keep up to speed discretely at work. Either way, it’s always good to be informed.

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