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Apple Talks iPhone Games With EA, Gameloft, ngmoco

Apple’s senior director of marketing for iPhone, Bob Borchers, recently discussed the iPhone games scene with Gamasutra’s Christian Nutt while flanked by representatives from three major publishing partners: EA Mobile, Gameloft, and ngmoco. Borchers didn’t have much of substance to say about the iPhone itself, but Nutt managed to score some exciting details on upcoming games.

Highlights from Gama’s interview:

The hotly anticipated Need For Speed Undercover is due out next month, as first reported on STP, not this month as some have speculated. Nutt says the game’s graphics are “roughly on par with a PSP title.”

Gameloft showed off Ferrari GT Revolution, a racing game that’s built on an upgraded version of the Asphalt 4 engine. Ferrari’s due out around the second week of December; we were able to go hands-on with the game earlier today, and will release our impressions shortly.

Gameloft’s Carmen Pearson also mentioned that “Apple is our company’s top customer right now,” which is pretty remarkable when you consider that the publisher’s been working with huge mobile carriers like Verizon for years.

ngmoco currently has 14 titles in development, with plans to bring five of them out before Christmas. HandCircus’s Simon Oliver divulged more details about his creation Rolando, which was apparently inspired in part by Lemmings. Yeah, we see it.


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