Apple Rock and Roll Press Event Liveblog

We’ve got our seats! The show is about to start– they just asked us to silence our cell phones. We’ll bring all the big developments to you live as they happen.

Pardon our typos. We’re sitting here (with a power cord, thank goodness– pays to be first in line) sharing internet with Sam from TUAW.

Rolling Stones now blaring. “It’s only rock and roll but I like it”. Reports on Twitter are that App Store is currently being overhauled. Top Apps by revenue, redone descriptions. Lights darken. STEVE JOBS APPEARS! Standing O.

This press conference will be about four things– Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs. Let’s vote for Jobs. Don’t forget about Jobs (apologies to Nancy Pelosi and Auto-Tune the News). Holy shit, Jobs talks about his liver donated by a once-healthy (but now dead) 20 year old. Donate your organs, people.


iPhone is the first topic. 30 million sold. 1.8 billion Apps (not counting updates). Genius for Apps- makes App recommendations. Great for games! Ringtones for 1.29. About time. This will be in version 3.1. Free download if you have 3.0.


iTunes 9- cleaned up, easier to navigate. New features: Genius mixes. “Imagine a DJ making mixes from your Genius database”. Playing songs that go well together from your library. Steve: Like a great DJ or radio station.

Other iTunes 9 features- updated syncing. Including managing your applications layout on iPhone, through iTunes 9. Thank goodness. Crowd claps, because this was a pain in the butt previously. iTunes store has been redesigned. New artist pages, Steve says “cleaner layout that I think you’ll enjoy.”

iTunes LP: Layouts, lyrics, neat art, for old fogies who like vinyl. Artists can design their own. Jeff Robin takes the stage to show off iTunes 9. Showing off moving Apps around on iPhone, through iTunes 9. Search, move multiple icons, delete. Double click to go to iTunes item. Move entire pages. Handy!

Quick demo of home sharing. We’re more interested in a redesigned iTunes Store. Drop down menu for App Store, genres. iTunes LP has some beautiful art and layout. We’re seeing Doors track listings, lyrics, and behind-the-scenes videos. DVD for LP?

Now looking at Dave Matthews Band LP, with art and font designed by Dave Matthews himself.

iTunes extras for movies also. Very much like an online DVD. We’re looking at Wall-E extras and chapter select. Little Pixar cross-promotion there? Steve takes the stage again.

iTunes available today at

iPod Touch

Phil Schiller takes the stage. 20 million iPod Touch sold. Genius and Genius Mixes on iPod Touch. Showing off Facebook and Twitter (through Twitterific) on iPod Touch. “Amazing little computer that fits in your pocket”

“Pocket computer”: new buzz-phrase for this show.

iPod Touch Games- finally, this is what we’re here for. Shows PSP and Nintendo DS- “they don’t stack up anymore!”

“No multi-touch, Games are expensive, No App Store, No iPod”

607 PSP games. 3680 NDS games. 21,178 iPhone OS games.

Trailer: Hero of Sparta, Assassin’s Creed, RE4, FAST, Rollercoaster Rush, Star Defense, Sims 3, Asphalt 4, Doom Resurrection, Homerun Battle, Glyder! We have reviews of all of these, by the way.

Assassin’s Creed 2 iPhone game demoed by Ubisoft. No Gameloft? Ben Mattes of Ubi takes the stage. Assassin’s Creed 2 iPhone demo. It’s a 2D side-scroller in 3D, just like the first iPhone game. You can put your own face on the wanted posters using the camera. Unlock wallpapers. Available day and date with Assassin’s Creed 2 console games: November 17.

Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem’s turn. Tap Tap Revenge hit 1 million downloads in 3 weeks. Riddim Ribbon- new game. Play as DJ, follow the groove. Keep the ball on the green line. Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom” played now. You can go down different paths for different remixes. Go off the green line, track reduces to just the bass line.

Here’s Gameloft. Mark Hickey takes the stage. We were warned they might have a showing here. FPS called “Nova”. Play as a space marine. Jeez, looks just like Halo!

Hey, Nova has four letters, two of which are in common with Halo. What a coinkydink. Comes out later this year.

EA’s Travis Boatman is here to talk about Madden 2010. Has all teams and players, kicking interface just like Tiger Woods Golf. This is all old news to our reviewer Shawn, who put the finishing touches on his review last week (we got a pre-release review copy). Crowd “oohs” for drawing plays on the screen.

Madden 2010 just launched “this morning” but we don’t see it on App Store yet. Expect our review within minutes of launch.

Phil’s back to talk pricing. $199 iPod Touch 8GB today. $299 for 32 GB, $399 for 64 GB. Faster speeds. Version 2.0 GL|ES. Are those 3GS speeds? New advertisement debuts.

iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle. Some price news. New products will have integrated iPod Shuffle controller. “World’s smallest music player”. New colors- 60 bucks for 2 GB, 80 bucks for 4 GB.

Steve’s back on stage.

One More Thing- a Video Camera

Compared to the Flip camera, Apple gives you 8GB of storage space, price of FREE. WTF?

iPod Nano now has a video camera, microphone, and speaker. So not really free, you still have to buy a Nano. Watch on Nano, sync to your computer, send it to Youtube with one click. Ton of colors, available today. New ad showing off Nano camera. Attractive dancing people wearing colorful clothes that match the Nanos.

That seems to be all the announcements. Environmental checklist (so you can enjoy your technology guilt-free). Recap: iPod + iTunes. iTunes 9 available today. New iPods available today.

Lights darken– time for a show? Sir Paul, is that you? Nope: Norah Jones performs! 9-Time Grammy award winner.

Her pleasant voice calms the restless, nerdy crowd. It was beauty killed the beastly tech journalists.

I’m reminded of last year’s iPod press event that featured a performance by Jack Johnson and his Shoes That Look Like Feet. Then, as now, us in attendance can brag that we were there for a private concert by a Grammy award winner. Your seething jealousy gives us strength.

Norah sings a song from new album out in November: Young Blood. Seriously, this performance really has nothing to do with iPods, but it makes journalists feel cool.

Show’s over, folks! No Beatles announcement, but we got two predictions right: Jobs and faster iPod Touch. Riddim Ribbon and the new Gameloft ripoff… I mean, homage, were nice surprises. Assassin’s Creed 2 and Madden were less surprising. We’ll have a Madden review for you today, and more info on the new games as soon as we can get it.

Thanks for joining us for this special Slide to Play Liveblog, and remember everyone: donate your organs to Steve Jobs!

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