Apple Reveals iPad 3D, On Sale Now

Apple shocked the world today with the surprise announcement of an immediate follow-up to the iPad 2, called the iPad 3D. Partly because of the sudden timing of this hardware release, Apple stores across the country said they were fully stocked.

Reporters were among the first to get their hands on Apple’s 3D device in a top-secret press event held in Cupertino, and a hands-on preview from Slide To Play is coming soon. Insiders also told us that Apple was keen to “stomp the dreams” of Nintendo by releasing their own 3D device just a week after the U.S. release of the Nintendo 3DS.

“Leave it to Apple to one-up the competition so swiftly,” said one executive, who declined to be named. “Far from letting Nintendo revel in the glory of autostereoscopic 3D, Apple is proving that we always keep an ace up our sleeve.”

On the other hand, Apple’s hasty announcement has some analysts feeling bewildered. “Originally, we were excited about the idea of an iPad-sized screen that could display HD 3D without special glasses,” said one analyst. “Looking forward, though, we have to ask, what’s next?”

Some say Apple’s next hardware announcement will arrive later this afternoon, but our sources warned us to take any news released on April 1 with more than a few grains of salt.

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