Apple Not Comfortable with Gaming on iPhone, Allege Developers

With the recent influx of advertising campaigns promoting both the iPhone and iPod Touch as gaming devices, like the declaration that the latest Touch is the “funnest (sic) iPod ever” specifically showcasing its wide array of games, it’s perhaps escaped us that Apple isn’t entirely comfortable with its newfound position as a major player within the gaming industry.

Though rumors suggesting Apple might be considering launching a home console of sorts were rife long before the App Store was on the scene, developers who have worked with the giant on the iPhone have recently been dropping hints that Apple would rather consumers didn’t focus on the gaming aspect of both the Touch and iPhone.

That’s according to a story posted on Apple Insider. The site quoted id’s John Carmack as stating that working with Apple was like a ‘roller coaster ride’, primarily because its execs aren’t happy with the popularity with gaming on the two systems.

This comes just days after Carmack had given a similar impression during an interview with Slide to Play, in which Doom’s creator suggested that Apple has an almost tumultuous relationship with developers. ‘My relationship with Apple was a bit of a roller coaster, where every couple of years Steve Jobs wants me to go do a keynote or something, and they’re really nice to me for a while, and then if I say something negative in a press interview about Apple, then I go onto the shit list for six months,’ he told us.

Carmack has since gone even further, telling Kotaku that Apple is ‘not proud of the iPhone being a game machine, they wish it was something else.’

Yet, whether Apple approves or not, the iPhone and iPod Touch have been eating into the market share of both the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Analysts have gone as far as to suggest that the iPhone and iPod Touch will essentially lead the handheld market creatively for the foreseeable future. Just what Apple will do with such a position of power in an apparent atmosphere of discontent remains to be seen, but we’re personally hoping for a quick rebuttal followed by a series of “isn’t gaming great” adverts. Wishful thinking, we know.

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