Apple Named Most Valuable Brand in the World

The respected brand consultancy group Interbrand has just released a report that names Apple the most valuable brand in the world right now. Apple, whose brand is estimated to be worth almost $100 billion, has supplanted Coca Cola, who has slipped to number three. Google sits in the second slot.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Apple ($98,316 million)
2. Google ($93,291 million)
3. Coca-Cola ($79,213 million)
4. IBM ($78,808 million)
5. Microsoft ($59,546 million)
6. General Electric ($46,947 million)
7. McDonald’s ($41,992 million)
8. Samsung ($39,610 million)
9. Intel ($37,257 million)
10. Toyota ($35,346 million)

It’s interesting to note that at least six of the top 10 brands are technology companies (General Electric also dabbles in tech). That just goes to show the importance of technology to the modern consumer.

For a list view of the top brands, click here. For more about the methodology Interbrand used to determine these values, click here.

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