Apple iPad 3 Street Date is March 16?

Houston, we have a problem. The word on the street is that the Apple iPad 3 will be available in stores on March 16, 2012. The rumor comes from a new Apple Store in Houston that was originally supposed to open on March 17, 2012. Apple Stores typically have grand openings on Saturdays, but the opening of the newest Houston store was switched to a Friday. Could it be due to the iPad 3 launch?

Here’s the word from The Houston Chronicle:

Houston’s newest Apple Store is scheduled to open on March 16, according to a source involved with the store’s opening. That date may coincide with first-day sales of the company’s newest version of the iPad.

The store, located in the Highland Village Shopping center at Westheimer and Drexel , was originally supposed to open in January, according to the source, but was delayed. March 17 was originally set as the new opening date, but the source said it was moved to the 16th a few weeks ago.

For reference, the iPad 2 was announced on March 2, 2011 and hit store shelves on March 11. The next iPad will be announced on March 7, 2012, so a street date of March 16 would fit the same pattern.

What do you think? Is the iPad 3 coming on March 16, 2012?

[Via: The Houston Chronicle]

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