Apple Increases 3G Download Cap to 20 MB

Just recently it was revealed that Apple has silently increased the download limit over 3G internet connections from 10 MB to 20 MB. Previous restrictions required applications larger than 10 MB to be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection.

While some are questioning whether this amount will actually make a difference to app downloaders, it can be said with relative certainty that iPhone gamers will see a big impact. The vast majority of iPhone games can’t be downloaded anywhere over 3G, but now that margin has been cut dramatically. Just in the current App Store gaming top ten, three games fall within that 10-20 MB range: Skee-Ball, Mega Man 2, and Moto X Mayhem.

Few other types of Apps carry the urgency that videogames do. When we’re bored, and we need something to play we simply can’t be made to wait until we’re in range of a free Wi-Fi signal! We demand entertainment immediately! Now it looks like we’ll at least be able to get some Lite demos during those types of emergency situations.

Apple still hasn’t sounded off on the reasoning for the changes, though speculation points to Apple readying the App Store for the imminent arrival of the iPad.

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