Apple Improves Game Submission Process

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in just about every press release that comes through our inbox about a newly finished iPhone game, it’s the statement ‘we’ve just submitted our code to Apple for approval so it should be up on the store… sometime.’

The entire submission process for the App Store is a mystery to most. Some Apps seem to languish in limbo for weeks, for unknown reasons. Apparently this is a problem that Apple is finally acknowledging, and they are making a promise to developers that this will be rectified in 2010.

Apparently, they’re already working hard to turn this around. Speaking with The Unofficial Apple Weblog, an iPhone developer at Atomic Cactus confirmed that their latest game made it onto the App Store in less than nine hours.

Since Apple hasn’t made an official announcement on this, it’s hard to determine the reason for the turnaround. However, we’d bet that it might have something to do with a desire to keep developers from migrating to Android.

[via TUAW]

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