App Store Ratings Now Split By Version

It may be happening in geological time, but Apple is steadily tweaking the App Store into shape. After the latest change involves splitting up user ratings and reviews by version, so that buyers can better tell how much an app has improved after being updated.

The new scheme displays the average star rating and number of reviews for the current version of the app, as well as lifetime data. In addition, all user reviews are now marked with the version number they refer to (although you can’t seem to sort by version), and Apple has instituted a minimum number of reviews needed to calculate an average, although we’re not sure what that number is; we think it may be a proportion of total reviews. You also can’t get the average star rating for updates prior to the current version.

While our App Store wishlist remains chock-full of requests, this relatively minor adjustment should help gamers get a better handle on which updates are significant, and which aren’t. We’re happy to see any kind of progress on the App Store, frankly.

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