App Store Pulls In $2.4 Billion A Year, Claims AdMob

It may seem like little more than a public willy waving contest, but stats comparing the success of Apple’s App Store with Android’s equivalent continue to flood the web. The news is that the iPhone’s digital-download-dominator could be pulling in as much as $2.4 billion a year, putting Android’s estimated annual sum of $60 million in the shade.

By some margin, too. According to AdMob ‘“ the ‘world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace’ – $200 million worth of apps are sold every month on the App Store. That’s compared to what initially seems like a respectable $5 million per month for Android.

When you consider that Android’s yearly total doesn’t even come close to matching the sum the App Store manages to mount up in sales in one month, it’s clear what a commanding position the iPhone appears to be in. AdMob claims that the mobile represents 60 per cent of all smartphone usage in the States.

AdMob’s wider stats also bring up some interesting curiosities, most notably the differences between iPhone and iPod Touch users. Using info based on the usage behavior found on the apps across its network, the company estimates that iPod Touch owners download more apps than their iPhone counterparts, but the majority of them are free. Those with iPhone’s seem to be more willing to pay for their apps; fifty percent of the estimated 26.4 million owners out there do so every month.

AdMob’s study isn’t the first to compare the App Store with Android. Fellow analysts Distimo recently reported that the top apps on the iPhone are games, compared with the more tool-based focus offered on Android. If AdMob’s figures prove to be anywhere near the reality, when combined with Distimo’s diagnosis, there’s plenty to suggest that any studio with a killer game on their hands should find life on the App Store rather fruitful.

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