App Store Now At 27,000 Apps, Led By 6,000+ Games

We recently wrote a piece about the dizzying rate at which new games appear on the App Store. Analytics platform Mobclix has the other piece of the puzzle–a rundown of exactly how many Apps and games we’re looking at, in total. It’s unreal.

The total number of Apps now stands at a cool 27,000, with games making up just under a quarter of that total at 6,200 or so. Paid apps have seized control of the store from free apps–77% of downloads are paid. Also, puzzle games are dominating the Games section at 18% of the total number of games, followed by arcade games at 11.3%, and action games at 10.9%.

The next two categories are a bit of a surprise: family games and kid games weigh in at 8.3% and 6.5%, respectively. This segment of iPhone gaming doesn’t get as much attention as it should, apparently, and we’re going to move to rectify that.

[from Fierce Mobile Content]

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