Sapus Tongue

Sapus Tongue is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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App Store Medley, Wednesday Nov. 12th

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday… Isn’t there something we’re supposed to do on Wednesdays? Could it have something to do with choosing six or so new iPhone games (most of which have been submitted by developers), writing them up, and running them back-to-back in a special video feature?

Nah, that’s crazy talk. We’ll just run an App Store Medley instead. ‘Twas a good week for the ol’ STP Inbox!

Ben Stein: It’s Trivial

Ben Stein, one of our all-time favorite character actors, finally gets his own iPhone trivia game! Awesome! The concept borrows liberally from the pseudo-hit game show Win Ben Stein’s Money, except this time you’re swiping all of his stuff, with Cheex the Monkey’s sticky-fingered assistance. Ben lobs you questions from four different categories–Pop Culture, Sports, Natural Wonders, and Random Steinage–and spouts one-liners in his famous monotone, all while an insanely cheery bossa nova theme plays in the background. $4.99 to get dissed by an ex-Nixon administration speechwriter.

Zombie Attack!

Zombie Attack! is a Tower Defense game that reminds us an awful lot of PixelJunk Monsters on the PlayStation Network. Unlike other TD games, where you can build wherever you want by fiat, you actually control an avatar here; you need to get him to the right spot by tilting the iPhone before you can lay down a turret. Zombie Attack! is super bare-bones–there’s one continuous level and only four turrets–but man, is it ever bloody! 99 cents to open up your own zombie processing factory.


Python is a fast, fluid Snake clone that expands the snake’s available headings from the cardinal directions to 360 degrees. The production values are excellent, too; it’s kind of like playing Spore Origins with a five-dollar bill in your pocket. Slither on over for $2.99.


Out of the 2000-odd games on the App Store right now, this is the only one that has anything to do with horseshoes. Who’s right, Shooz’s developer or everyone else? Although we like the game’s sense of humor a lot, and appreciate the effort that’s gone into the presentation, we think Shooz would have a more compelling argument if had better animation and controls. It’s $2.99 to chuck a couple.

Sapus Tongue

If you think the name is weird, just wait until you see the game. Sapus Tongue is basically one of those little flash games where you try to toss, blast, or smack something as hard/far as possible… except that you’re whirling the projectile around on a string. And the projectile is a frog or a monkey in a superhero getup. And the string is the frog’s tongue or the monkey’s tail. It’s bizarre, all right, but kind of endearing all the same. Plus, it wins the award for “Catchiest iPhone Game Tune of All Time” by a mile. 99 cents.

Triple Play Poker

Triple Play Poker allows you to play three five-card hands at once, if you want to. The held cards are automatically entered into your two other hands, tripling your odds of something good happening… but also costing you three times the money. It’s Jacks or better, which is the standard for video poker everywhere, but it would be nice to see some additional variants, too. The triple threat runs you $1.99.

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