Collapse! Chaos

Collapse! Chaos is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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App Store Medley, Tuesday Oct. 7th

New games are hitting the App Store at an unprecedented rate–too fast for our mortal brains to process and write previews about. So, we’ve decided to list some new games we’ve got our eye on, in what will hopefully become a reoccurring feature: Slide To Play’s App Store Medley! Cue drumroll…

Imangi Word Squares

Imangi Studios, the word game specialists, have come up with a real doozy this time. A “word square” is a grid of letters that must be rearranged in such a way that every letter is part of a word, both horizontally and vertically; this game has 1000 of these puzzles, in configurations ranging from 3×3 to 6×6 grids, as well as a hint system we’re pretty sure you’re going to need at some point. It went up on the App Store earlier today for 99 cents.

Collapse! Chaos

The Collapse! series of casual puzzle games has been hanging around the Internet for almost a decade now, piling up blocks and challenging you to make them disappear in the most efficient way possible. This gameplay has already appeared in many guises on the iPhone, such as Gaia, but RealNetworks is betting that aficionadoes will want to pay $4.99 for the real deal. Is it worth it? We’ll let you know ASAP!


If you’ve played Flash games like Filler, where the goal is to fill up a certain percentage of the screen by inflating balloons, you’ll be right at home with Virus–it’s the same basic idea, but the setting has moved to the bloodstream of some unlucky soul who is being bombarded by viral infection, and you’re plumping up white blood cells instead of circles. It’s 99 cents to play.


It’s a match-3 game with a twist, or actually a tilt, to be more specific. Colored marbles fall from the top of the screen onto a tiltable board. If you tilt it right, they’ll tumble into groups of three or more and disappear; if not, the plank explodes. The game sports three difficulty levels “from Normal to Nnnnnnnargh!”, as well as an interesting steampunk theme. $1.99 gets you in the door.


This game reminds us a bit of The Incredible Machine, insofar as you’re trying to position puzzle elements in such a way that mechanical power is transmitted from one end of the screen to the other. The tools of the trade here are gears and sprockets, and the puzzles look pretty darned difficult to our eye. The game has $2.99 price tag at the moment.

Surface To Air Mayhem

Your air base is suffering bombardment from a squadron of enemy planes–who ya gonna call? The anti-aircraft rocket launcher codenamed “Mayhem,” that’s who! In this action game, you fire salvos of missiles at passing bombers with your finger, trying to lead them into the explosions and rack up combos, as in Missile Command. The game boasts 65 levels, online leaderboards, and “Mayhem Mode,” where you get to go utterly postal with unlimited rockets for a short time. $2.99 puts you at the controls.

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