App Store Medley, Wednesday Oct. 29th

We are immensely proud to present our very first App Store Medley: Video Edition (standard def on top, HD below)! They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and a moving picture’s worth a thousand stills, so we figure we’re multiplying our usefulness to you by three orders of magnitude. As always, if you’d like your game to appear on the App Store Medley, drop us a line! We are also looking for a Medley sponsor; email sales(at)slidetoplay(dot)com for more information.

This week’s games are:


Though it dwells in the Games section of the App Store, Wings may be miscategorized; it fits more neatly into the meditation, relaxation, and entertainment niches. You can choose to fly or float over four different environments–winter, spring, summer, and fall–while New Age music drones in the background, numbing your daily stresses away. The out-of-body experience costs 99 cents.


We don’t usually cover free games on STP, but Trace is simply too good, and too unique, to gloss over. Imagine a simple platforming game drawn, and played, entirely in MacPaint, and you’ll get a pretty decent idea of what Trace has to offer. You can modify any of the game’s 120 levels by doodling on them with your finger, and then run right over your jury-rigged bridges and platforms to the goal. We love the buzzing chiptune soundtrack, too.


JellyCar is in the same category as Trace; it’s a free game that we would pay money for in a second. You drive an adorable little hatchback that squishes, judders, and bounces all over the place, showing off the game’s excellent soft-body physics model. It’s difficult to describe JellyCar’s immense level of charm, so you really have to try it for yourself, if you haven’t already.

Chili Pepper Blackjack

The App Store is adrift in a roiling sea of card games, drowning some perfectly good titles like Chili Pepper Blackjack under the weight of numbers. The cool thing about Chili Pepper is that it’s plugged into Fat Free Games’ larger web community, so you can chat with other players and collect achievements from multiple games for your profile. $2.99 to buy in.


While Mote-M is going after the budget segment, and Fieldrunners is trying to wow customers with its superior presentation, this new Tower Defense game is hanging its hat on a large volume of content. It’s got dozens of levels, eight different towers, many unlockable achievements… and a fast-forward feature to help you earn them faster. Besiegement costs $3.99.


AutoMangle reminds us an awful lot of PS1 launch title Twisted Metal… except that it plays like it’s still in Alpha. That’s fine with us. The developer is off to a great start, especially with the graphics engine, and he appears committed to adding new features to the game. Buckle up for $1.99.

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