App Store Medley, Tuesday Oct. 21st

STP is starting to get some serious attention from the iPhone game developer community. In fact, over the past week or two, we’ve gotten far more requests for reviews than we can possibly handle. We’re thrilled to be on your map, and if we had an army of reviewers at our beck and call, we would give every single one of these games our full treatment; for now, though, we will have to humbly submit this Developer’s Edition of our App Store Medley!


PuzzleManiak is a bundle of no less than 15 puzzle games from Alexandre Minard’s “Maniak” series, which normally run for 99 cents each. Many of the minigames on offer, like SudokuManiak and MinesManiak, are clones of classic puzzlers. Others are new formulations that test your spatial reasoning and logic abilities, such as LoopyManiak and RectanglesManiak. Puzzle fiends will be glad to know that the game can generate an unlimited number of puzzles at six difficulty levels; you can also compete in web challenges against other players to see who can solve a puzzle the fastest. $4.99 to play.

Dougie Moo’s Aqua Antics

Laid-back bovine Dougie Moo just wanted to chill out in his inner tube, but hidden currents seem to have pulled him into a new Match-3 game. You tilt the iPhone to maneuver Dougie and recover colored balls floating on the surface of the water, while also dodging hazards like homing blowfish. Aqua Antics has 30 levels spread over 5 worlds, all sloshing with realistically-rendered water. It’s $3.99 to visit the deep end of the pool.

Pinch n’ Pop

In Pinch n’ Pop, planktonesqe creatures called “squirms” infest your iPhone, proliferating rapidly until it looks like your screen’s about to burst. You get rid of these buggers by pinching like-colored squirms together to fuse them, and then repeating the process to pop them right out of existence and alleviate the pressure. A combo scoring system and a myriad of powerups enliven this already frenetic arcade game. Pop on in for $3.99.


Squaresville is a simple sliding jigsaw puzzle game that can use either your own photos or built-in pictures for source material. It’s a 99 cent app.


Hedronism is from Couchworld Games, the same guys who made Shards. This puzzle game hands you a big regular polyhedron (even bigger on the harder difficulty levels) splattered with different colors; you have to rotate the thing around in such a way that you turn it a single color. 99 cents to play.


We’re not sure there’s room on the App Store for another Texas Hold ‘Em game–but if there is, THTouch is a great candidate. Developer Pit Garbe started work on the app back in jailbreak times, and he tells us that over 130,000 people signed up for the free public beta in July. 99 cents gets you 9 CPU opponents, an odds calculator, and contextual touch controls.


The objective in Pathways is to methodically paint yourself into a corner–by the time you exit each of the game’s maze-like levels, you need to have made each tile in the maze disappear by walking over it a certain number of times, leaving no trace of your solution. $4.99 buys you 75 stages’ worth of cerebral exercise, along with a custom soundtrack and a cutscene-driven story.

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