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App Store Medley, Tuesday Oct. 14th

The “agility” effect that Trip Hawkins mentioned in his interview with STP yesterday is still in full effect on the App Store. Hundreds of indie studios from all over the world are pumping out new games as fast as they can–and there’s no end in sight, even though not every developer is experiencing wild success.

STP is here to help you cut through the noise and make sense of it all. Let the Medley begin!


Perilar joins the middling Vay in the decidedly less-than-crowded RPG section of the App Store. Perilar was previously available as a free Java game for OSX and Windows; it appears heavily indebted to the early Ultima and Dragon Warrior games. Developer Mark Damon Hughes is a HUGE RPG fan, if his website is any indication (he also developed DungeonDice for tabletop gamers), so we have high hopes for the $4.99 Perilar.

New “Snake” Clones–Sleek and Rattlesnake

Snake was one of the very first mobile games (hard-coded onto early Nokia phones), and it’s still one of the most familiar and best-loved casual games of all time, even on next-generation handsets like the iPhone. Two new Snake games popped up on the App Store recently: Sleek ($1.99) and Rattlesnake (99 cents). Rattlesnake features funky retro graphics, as well as a “vegetarian option” for squeamish gamers that turns the snake into a fruit-gobbling herbivore. Sleek looks like it caters to a slightly different audience. It boasts smooth custom animations and an “atmospheric soundtrack.”


Moe is a Japanese term that refers to platonic obsession with a particular Anime character or archetype; it seems like the relevant category in this new memory-matching game is “girls in sailor and schoolgirl outfits.” It’s not really our cup of tea, but there’s a big market for this kind of thing in Japan (and increasingly in the U.S.), and this is one of the first Anime-themed games on the App Store. It’s $2.99 to look at Ah…Moemory’s pretty pictures.


While we’re on the subject of Anime-themed games, we should also mention Apocalypse. It’s part text-based adventure, part arcade game. You play the role of Go Go, a weird-looking critter that flies around and grabs “energy orbs” while your friends do battle with an evil force. The game has intriguingly dark art direction, as well as voice acting for the dialog; 20-year-old British developer Lewis Pugh apparently developed the game in 30 days, while documenting the whole process on YouTube. $1.99 gets you premium seating at the end of the world.

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