App Store Goes Live on Facebook

It’s seemingly the most obvious marriage in the history of mobile gaming. Like two friends in a film who seemingly belong together but don’t realize it until the very end of the movie, the launch of an official App Store page on Facebook yesterday cannot have come a moment too soon.

The page, which surprisingly retains that famous App Store feel despite operating within the heavily branded borders of Facebook, was developed by community-based marketers Vitrue on behalf of Apple.

Almost like a home away from home, as well as a connecting point for fans of the App Store, the page allows users to browse the top performing titles and search every single app within the page itself. Links to make purchases, naturally, then direct users to Apple’s web-based iTunes preview portal.

“With over 150,000 apps available in the App Store and with more than 3 billion downloads, bringing the incredibly popular App Store to Facebook was a perfect fit,” Vitrue says of the page.

“People love their apps and nowhere are they better able to express these feelings than Facebook. The custom solutions designed for the App Store Facebook page allows fans to discover and share apps more easily than ever before.”

In truth, however, the most important aspect of the page is the ability for Facebook users to share the apps they like with friends. Popular apps will now be able to gain even more momentum as word of mouth links newcomers directly with games via the Facebook page.

[Via Vitrue]

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