App Devs Band Together For New Years Sale

Apparently unsatisfied with the numerous free games that were being offered all month long via the Appvent Calendar, a group of iPhone developers have banded together to create a super-sale starting December 31 and continuing for at least 48 hours.

The event, called the New Year App Blowout, includes some pretty large mark-downs and just about all of the 23 games included will see price reductions of at least 50 percent. Some of the games are even going completely free.

While you’re not going to find the likes of NOVA or Avatar on this list, there are some very good games, including the excellently artsy Hi, How Are You, and the Ragdoll Blaster-esque Twilight Golf (no, not that Twilight, although a Twilight-themed vampiric minigolf game would be hilarious).

The free games on the list are Dragon Eye, which is similar to the old-school 90s toy Simon, as well as the intriguing multiplayer shooter Outnumbered in which one player controls an assault robot, while the other player controls the many minions trying to bring him down.

While this sale may not include the most high-profile games around, it’s diverse enough that just about everyone should be able to find something they’re interested in. Check out the New Year App Blowout here.

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