Another World Release Date Announced

An iOS version of Out of This World– also known as Another World in some countries– was announced earlier this year at GDC, but we hadn’t heard a peep about it again… until now. We’ve just gotten word from BulkyPix that Another World (as it’s now called everywhere) will be available on September 22. Read on for more details.

Another World is a classic side-scrolling platformer that’s appeared on everything from Amiga to Gameboy Advance since its release in 1991. The iOS version will be a universal app, with updated graphics that are optimized for both Retina displays and iPads. However, just like in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, you’ll be able to switch to the original graphics at any time by swiping on the screen with two fingers. The game will have three difficulty modes, remastered audio, and a choice of control methods. It will cost $4.99.

For more details on Another World, check out our original announcement.

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