Another Vlambeer Game Has Been Cloned

For some reason, Vlambeer’s games have a tendency to be cloned on the App Store. First their game Radical Fishing was copied in the form of Ninja Fishing, then their game Super Crate Box met a similar fate with Muffin Knight. Now it’s happened again. A company called RubiqLab has just released a game that’s undeniably similar to an upcoming game that Vlambeer has been showing off for a while.

Vlambeer’s upcoming title is an air combat game called Luftrausers. The RubiqLab clone that has just hit the App Store is called SkyFar. In a response posted on Touch Arcade, Vlambeer says they think they have a strong case against the developers of SkyFar because not only did they copy Luftrausers’ gameplay, but they also stole its graphic style. Vlambeer has sent letters to both Apple and Google, asking them to remove SkyFar from their app stores.

Meanwhile, RubiqLab responded to Kotaku’s request for a comment, saying that they spent a lot of time on the game and created all of the game’s code and assets themselves. In the wake of this uproar, they’ve removed the game’s trailer from YouTube, but we’ve embedded gameplay video of both titles below.

Vlambeer’s statement also mentions that Luftrausers will probably not come to iOS, due to touchscreen control issues. Instead, the game will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

Luftrausers Preview

SkyFar Gameplay

[Via Kotaku]

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