Another N64 Emulator on Jailbroken iPhones?

You can’t afford to take your eye off the ball when it comes to iPhone development, even if said development skirts on the edge of legality. Just over a month ago we reported that an N64 emulator was in the works, albeit for jailbroken iPhones. Now it would appear that we’re a step closer to playing with Mario and co. in the palm of our hands, albeit via a different emulator altogether.

Yes, in November we were all wooed by ZodTTd’s claims that an N64 emulator was in the pipeline, following his previous work at porting Quake to jailbroken iPhones. Now a French coder seems to have taken charge, CVG claiming that a 14 year old is responsible. A video of his entirely new emulator ‘3G4’ (marked “private”) hit YouTube over the weekend.

The video predictably shows Mario 64 running on an iPhone (let’s be honest, it’s probably the first title most folk would have a crack at). The site it was posted on claims, via a handy Babelfish translation, that the 3G4 emulator ‘is still in phase of development, but as you can see in the demonstration below, the project is already quite advanced.’

The race, therefore, would appear to be on. Though 3G4 apparently comes with bugs aplenty in its current state, if it can make it to the table before ZodTTd’s effort, it stands a good chance of making a little bit of history: ‘Mario on your Mobile’. The headlines almost write themselves, don’t they?

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