Anomaly 2 Announced, Trailer Released

This morning 11 Bit Studios announced that they’re busy working on Anomaly 2, a sequel to their excellent “tower offense” games. They’ve released a trailer, which you can watch below. We’re not 100% sure that it’s coming to iOS yet, but seeing as the original and the follow-up Anomaly Korea hit the iPad, it’s a good bet that it will wind up on iOS devices eventually.

According to the game’s website, Anomaly 2 will offer a single-player campaign that’s similar to Anomaly Warzone Earth, but with some added features like mech morphing. It will also offer a multiplayer mode, where one person controls the “tower defense” side while the other person covers the offensive side.

To get a peek behind the scenes, you can watch a couple of developer diary videos over on 11 Bit’s Facebook page, and you can read more details about the game over at Anomaly 2’s website.

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