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Anna Montana is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Anna Montana Hands-On

Do you ever wonder who keeps the apartments of sitcom luminaries like Seinfeld, Frasier, and Will and Grace looking so pristine and camera-ready? Take it from us, it’s hard work scrubbing the ring off of Frasier’s bathtub, and you’ll never guess what we found on that Sex and the City girl’s nightstand.

Anna Montana may not use licensed sitcom characters (and it has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus), but these lookalikes are close enough to give you the picture. And if their image doesn’t tip you off, their soundalike names probably will. You play as Anna, a “desperate housekeeper” who is tasked with picking up and scrubbing all the filth off of famous interiors from TV shows. There are seven houses to clean in story mode, with more slated to arrive later in the year.

You begin each house call by picking up the phone and having a short chat with your client. While the English translation in our preview build was a bit lacking, we’re hoping the dialogue can get smoothed out before the final release. After a few hints about who each star is, you can jump right into cleaning their apartment or home.

Anna Montana plays like a combination of hidden object and time management games, which seems to be a pretty clever mash-up. With a timer ticking away, you have to scan each room for out-of-place objects, dirt stains, and rubbish to pick up or dirty laundry to do. Once you spot a bit of grime, you can run a vacuum cleaner over it, spritz it with surface cleaner, or scrub it with a brush. These rooms are so dirty, you’ll wonder what these stars have been doing when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Between rounds, you’ll pay to upgrade certain items so you can clean more areas in less time. You can also earn extra money by completing each house before time runs out, and in an evil twist, you can even help yourself to a nice “tip” by swiping personal items. There’s nothing quite like stealing from your favorite sitcom stars. That snooty Frasier will never miss a bit of mantle art, will he?

We thought Anna Montana’s concept and execution were pretty well done in this pre-release build, and we’re looking forward to seeing more houses and a better translation integrated into the game. The unique concept make Anna Montana one to consider, even if you hate doing housework in real life.

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