‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Announced

It was inevitable, wasn’t it — a joining of forces between the maturing mobile sensation of Angry Birds and the relentless blockbuster franchise Transformers? Rovio has just made the marriage official, with the announcement of Angry Birds Transformers, a mobile game that’s “coming soon.”

In addition to a mobile game, the team-up will give birth to “consumer licensed goods and a product line from Hasbro.” John Frascotti, Chief Marketing Officer at Hasbro, says, “Angry Birds Transformers provides fans worldwide with a fun, new story and characters, and innovative ways, like our TELEPODS platform, for consumers to engage with the brand.”

They had me at “engage with the brand.” I kid, of course. Every company is out to make money, and seeing as Transformers started as a toy line (the ’80s cartoon was created to help sell the things), one can hardly be surprised that these two mega-brands have come together to make a buck.

Plus, with Angry Birds games as widespread as the kart racer Angry Birds Go and the RPG Angry Birds Epic, plus movie tie-ins with Rio and Star Wars, which also has a Skylanders-like toy line, why not throw a Transformers license into the mix? It’s a natural evolution, and life on this planet could proceed in no other way.

Frascotti continues, “We collaborated with Rovio to create opportunities for kids and families to experience Autobirds and Deceptihogs across multiple formats and entertainment platforms, for a completely immersive branded experience.”

With a sales pitch like that, one can hardly wait.


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