Angry Birds Star Wars Official Gameplay Trailer Now Available

Rovio has been promoting Angry Birds Star Wars with a trickle of character-driven trailers, but what happens when all these feathery space rogues come together? You get the definitive gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars. Remember: A Jedi shall not know anger– wait, we have a conflict of interest going on here.

Rovio’s latest trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars (and possibly one of its last, since the game is out on November 8) shows off the birds in their heroic roles, and the pigs in their new passive bad guy jobs, which includes everything from lowly Tusken Raiders to Stormtroopers to TIE fighters (no, seriously– pigs as actual TIE fighters).

The birds, of course, fill in for the Rebel heroes and are armed accordingly. Red Luke Skywalker bird can deflect laser shots with his lightsabre. R2D2 bird can short out electrical fields. And Black Jedi bird can fling himself bodily at objects because to heck with the subtlety of the Force.

Look for Angry Birds Star Wars this Thursday.

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