Angry Birds Star Wars II Announced

As it was teased, so it shall be. Rovio has just made an official announcement that Angry Birds Star Wars II is coming out on September 19. The game is based on the prequel trilogy, and will feature Skylanders-like toy interaction using Hasbro Telepods. Watch the trailer below.

New characters in the game will include Anakin, Mace Windu, and Darth Maul. Additional characters and power-ups can be unlocked by purchasing Hasbro Telepod toys and scanning them into the game by placing them on the device’s screen. Rovio says that over 30 characters will be available to purchase at launch.

Additionally, Angry Birds Star Wars II will allow players to “join the pork side” and play as the (pig) empire if they so choose.

The original Angry Birds Star Wars is currently available for free.

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