Angry Birds Rio Announced

Fact: Angry Birds is iPhone gaming’s most recognizable brand. Fact: Rio, a CGI animated movie about birds by the makers of the Ice Age series (see the trailer here), is coming out on April 15. Since we live in a world with corporate synergy, these two franchises are being glued together in the form of an upcoming iPhone game called Angry Birds Rio.

The movie Rio is about a couple of macaws who go on an adventure that helps them confront their fears and forge a beautiful friendship. It has voice work from Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Jamie Foxx, and just about everyone else in Hollywood.

The game Angry Birds Rio will be about our favorite group of upset flappers being kidnapped and smuggled to Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil, where they must escape captivity and then rescue characters from the movie. The game will come with 45 levels and feature the standard physics-based Angry Birds gameplay, plus some twists inspired by the movie.

Angry Birds Rio is due out sometime in March. While you wait, be sure to watch the game’s (admittedly pretty cool) trailer.

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