Angry Birds Gets 15 New Levels in “Red’s Mighty Feathers” Update

What’s a bird’s greatest weapon? Is it its talons? Its beak? Its cache of salmonella bacteria? Its proud lineage that links it to the likes of the mighty deinonychus? No. A bird’s greatest weapon is its feathers, or at least that’s the impression we get in the recent update for the classic Angry Birds. Click the jump for an animated trailer.

Looks like the Pigs are at it again, and while riding the ramshackle (but effective) contraptions from Bad Piggies, no less. This time, there’s but one bird—Red—and he’s determined to save his offspring from the frying pan. He uses a rotating shield of feathers (think of the Leaf Shield from Mega Man 2) to blow up the TNT crates that the pigs are inexplicably carrying on their vehicles. There are 15 new levels in all.

The update’s ready to download now, so make those piggies cry whee-whee-whee all the way home.

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