The Amazing Spider-Man Hands-On Preview with Video

A new Spider-Man reboot launches this Summer, and as you’d expect, our friends at Gameloft are preparing to launch a matching tie-in to coincide with the film’s debut. The Amazing Spider-Man is a huge departure from what we have seen on iOS thus far. The reason? Open-world action baby! Read on for more impressions from our hands-on straight from the E3 show floor.

The Amazing Spider-Man takes cues from titles like Grand Theft Auto III and even Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. With open traversal around Manhattan, you can swing around and take on various missions at your leisure. While the game is still in development, the web swinging feels extremely satisfying as Spidey twists and contorts in a way that’s reminiscent of the new movie’s trailers. The combat is reminiscent of Rocksteady’s Batman games. Enemies typically surround you in a circle, and you have the freedom to take them down in epic fashion with chain combos. At one stretch, we had a thrilling 86 hit combo going.

We spent time working through three missions, and we were enjoying the variety. We did everything from rescuing a damsel from thugs to taking photos of Spidey at scenic vantage points. After completing missions you earn XP to upgrade the abilities of your web-slinger. The areas you can improve include combat skills, strength, speed, web shooting, and overall defense. For those of you not interested in grinding out your upgrades, Gameloft has you covered. Not only can you secure XP points through in-game purchases, but the difficulty levels scales up to match whatever ability you’re at.

This new open world take on the iOS Spider-Man experience is made possible by using Modern Combat 3’s engine as its backbone. Despite some pop-in and occasional poor texture work, the game is looking great as a whole. Maneuvering around the city feels intuitive and fluid. The jury is still out on how diverse and enjoyable the game’s 35 missions are, but we are encouraged by what we have seen.

If there is one area of concern, I would point to the fact the build we played was really rough. With the game being pegged to launch in late June, we aren’t sure there is enough time to hammer out some of the glitches and crashes we experienced. During the demo we saw three game crashes, enemies going through buildings, and some wonky collision detection. Gameloft has a solid track record to putting out quality content, but we thought the observation was worth mentioning.

Very soon, everyone will get a chance to experience the rebooted film and this iOS game for themselves. It is amazing to see how far the Spider-Man iOS experience has come. There is some serious potential here, and we are cautiously optimistic about how it will all come together.

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