Alive 4-Ever Returns to Stumble onto App Store

To this date, Alive 4-Ever is one of the best dual-stick shooters available on the App Store, bringing to the table a great progression system and co-op multiplayer. So it’s with little surprise that we have high hopes for Meridian’s just-announced sequel: Alive 4-Ever Returns.

In the original, you played as four survivors of a massive zombie plague that had one goal: to survive. The sequel looks to be based around four new characters in the same game world. Of course, not everything is the same. A new array of zombies, such as the weird snake-like creature found in the trailer, and new weapons will be available. Some of the latter include a rocket launcher and grenades.

RPG elements played a big part in the original, and Alive-4-Ever Returns will apparently build upon that aspect. New power-ups and skills will be available in the player’s arsenal, and we hope they address the money exploit that we found in the original game.

Another big upgrade is the revamped game engine that now provides such features as vibrating, zooming, and rain effects, just to name a few. Co-op multiplayer stays, although it’s still local-only. OpenFeint will handle the leaderboards.

Finally, two new modes are to be added: survival, which speaks for itself, and “Horde Battle”. We don’t have any more information on the latter at the moment.

Meridian expects the game to be released in late April. We should have our hands on a final copy soon and will bring you more information as we get it.

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