Aliens Abducted Hands-On Preview

You’ll find plenty of educational apps on the App Store, but we rarely review them on Slide To Play. That’s because they’re rarely fun. The upcoming game Aliens Abducted looks to be the exception, with its stellar animation and clever geography lessons.

Aliens Abducted is from Bilu Games, located in Montevideo, Uruguay. If you don’t know where that is now, you will after playing Aliens Abducted, since the game teaches you about geography as you play.

The game takes place on a spaceship orbiting the Earth, where three goofy aliens are tasked with researching our planet. In each round, their ship orbits the Earth, locating a country and highlighting its outline for you to identify from one of three choices. If you pick the correct country name and flag, you’ll get a score based on your speed. If you’re wrong, one of the aliens will meet a hilariously brutal end. After three incorrect guesses, you’ll have to start the round over.

The animations is what really stands out in Aliens Abducted. The Earth is a 3D model that rotates beautifully, and the aliens are 2D cartoons that are expressive and charming. They’ll cheer when you guess correctly, and suffer a terrible fate if you don’t.

The trivia gameplay is well-balanced, too. Even if you know a country on sight, you’ll have to answer quickly to get the full three stars on each level. And in this game, there’s a special reward for passing your geography tests: You’ll unlock a simple auto-running game starring one of the aliens once you master the first ten set of levels.

Aliens Abducted has a lot of potential for an educational games series. The Flags portion of the game is very fun, and Bilu Games is planning to add two new modes, Math and Quotes. The inclusion of an auto-running action game is a nice balance to the trivia gameplay, making this a promising choice for parents, or anyone who wants to learn more about their home planet. It’ll be available on August 23 for $1.99.

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