Alice Comes to iOS

Well, at least in storybook form. In anticipation of the highly anticipated sequel to American McGee’s Alice, called Alice: Madness Returns, EA has partnered with PadWorx to create a storybook app that fills in the gaps between the two games’ stories.

In typical fashion for these types of apps, the story is told amidst gorgeous, hand-drawn art, interactive elements, and animation.

Coming in at just 174 MB, the app is also relatively small when compared to other ebooks, so it won’t eat up all your spare memory. There’s an iPad and an iPhone/iPod Touch version, both of which are free, so if you’re at all interested in McGee’s creepy vision of Alice, it’s definitely going to be worth a look.

In addition to standard basic interactivity, this one comes with a few extra perks. iPad 2 and iPhone users can, for instance, use the camera in conjunction with a smile detector to play along with the Cheshire Cat. There are also hidden symbols scattered about that unlock other secrets.

As a free app, this one is worth checking out, even if it was created more as marketing for the upcoming game than as a standalone experience. The app is already available in the App Store to download.

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