Alexandria Bloodshow Hands-On Preview and Video

Late last year, Sega launched Samurai Bloodshow, an intriguing Plants vs. Zombies-style defense game with a historical Japanese theme. To appeal more to Western audiences, the sequel will feature two slightly more familiar ancient civilizations: Greeks and Egyptians.

Just like in the first game, Alexandria Bloodshow is a strategy game where you receive random cards with defensive units. You can place these units on a grid, where they’ll stop incoming attackers. You can pay a slight cost to move them to a different lane, or save up your energy to draw more cards.

In Alexandria Bloodshow, there are two civilizations instead of just one, which means twice as many unique cards and missions. Some of our favorites include the pantheon of Greek gods, like Apollo, Hera, and Hades, plus heroes like Hercules and even mythical siege weapons like the Trojan Horse. On the Egyptian side, we spotted the god Horus, the legendary Sphinx, and even a dry, wrapped mummy.

In addition to the clever new cards, Alexandria Bloodshow will let you choose special attacks for your side. For example, you can go into a round with an attack bonus, or gather up gold faster than normal. Just like in the first game, you’ll be able to take your battles online using GameCenter.

Alexandria Bloodshow has nearly identical gameplay to the original Samurai Bloodshow, but since we gave that game a Must Have rating, we’re fine with that. We’re especially excited for the new cards, which we think players will enjoy more than samurai and daimyo. Alexandria Bloodshow will be available this Spring on the App Store.

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