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Albert Review

Albert’s just a typical person like you or me. Just because his head is shaped like a box, he owns over a dozen alarm clocks, and his car has horse legs, doesn’t mean you should treat him any differently.

Albert is the star of a minigame collection by Fingerlab, and the mundane actions that make up a day in his life are both familiar and eccentric. Like you, Albert struggles to hit snooze on the alarm clock first thing in the morning, but he’s also got a bedroom full of clocks, including a rooster outside. You have to whack them as soon as they start to buzz, beep, or crow.

Most irritating collection ever?

Other minigames are just as amusing. You’ll have to snag perfectly-browned toast as it pops up from the toaster, take your horse-legged car out for a drive, and enter your pet snail in a race. These minigames all use your device’s touchscreen, accelerometer, or microphone in creative ways.

You’re rewarded one to three stars on each level, but one drawback in Albert is that you’re not told exactly what you need to do to get three stars. If there is a required time limit on a level to achieve a perfect score, it’s not revealed to the player.

Also, the minigames will almost always be the same every time you play them. We’d have preferred different difficulty levels for each stage, so you could grab the toast at easy, medium, or hard settings.

Make your move!

Though Albert’s 13 minigames (and one unlockable bonus game) won’t last you long, we went back and had a great time finding every level’s hidden treasure. Revealed by clicking around the background or tilting your device, finding these treasures is a fun little side-game that also earns you Game Center achievements.

We should also mention that Albert has a very interesting, distinctive look. His whole world seems to have been cut out of construction paper, and the crinkled backgrounds with shifting layers of depth give the illusion of a child’s diorama.

We enjoyed spending the day with Albert, even if it only took an hour or so to beat every challenge. He’s an interesting fellow, and we’d encourage you to say hello.

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