Air Supply - 1bit Run

Air Supply - 1bit Run is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Air Supply – 1bit Run Review

Canabalt, what have you done? The success of 2009’s endless high-score running game on the iPhone has invited a slew of imitators– some good, some bad. Air Supply, a “1-bit” running game from developer Quantum Sheep, falls somewhere in-between.

Air Supply doesn’t just run across the same, well-worn track of Canabalt, Monster Dash, and other, similar games. It adds a few new twists, like a constantly-diminishing oxygen supply that will eventually asphyxiate your character. Plus, there are aliens and UFOs to shoot, and stars to collect, all of which will eventually let you unlock more environments, characters, and music.

Lost in Space.

The controls are perfectly simple. You have a jump and double-jump button on the left, and a blaster button on the right. The alien planet your character is stranded on will scroll by quickly, and you have to snag oxygen and avoid bad guys to stay alive. Your oxygen meter also doubles as your health bar.

Air Supply’s real draw are the nostalgia-inducing vector graphics, which bring to mind classic sci-fi arcade games like Moon Lander and Asteroids. They’re even Retina-optimized, which is strange, considering how minimal they are.

Planet of the Apes.

However, we can’t give Air Supply a recommendation quite yet. It’s lacking online high scores, which is really essential for any high-score game. Plus, it can take a very long time to unlock new items, and it doesn’t vary the experience as much as similar games like Stylish Dash.

We had a fun time with Air Supply for a short while, but like the 80s soft-rock band Air Supply sings, we’re all out of love. There are other, better games in this genre, so wait for a content-rich update before purchasing this one.

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