Agon Online Enters Social Gaming War

Are you ready for yet another networking tool for your iPhone games? We’re not even kidding. Following the likes of OpenFeint, Plus+ and Scoreloop (you probably know that list like the back of your hand now), AGON Online is yet another service trying to secure the social networking market on the iPhone by adding a sense of personality to your high scores.

Just like most of its rivals, AGON Online can be linked up to your Facebook account, and, just like most of its rivals, it’s also free to use. Likewise, developers can also sign up to the service without charge, meaning AGON can already boast the support of over 200 studios in its lineup. At first look, this new network seems to be following the path already laid down by most of the alternatives.

So what exactly sets AGON apart from the leagues of rivals that have already found their way onto the iPhone in the last few months? ‘Our background is high-end, multi-platform game technology development for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP and PC,’ AGON’s creator, Danish studio Aptocore, says on the network’s website.

‘We believe the future holds great promise for the mobile gaming platform. If not the case already, then in the very near future, there will be more players here than on all traditional platforms combined- we want to be a part of that revolution. The time has come for mobile gaming to be taken seriously,’ the developer continues.

AGON believes its experience in working with higher-end tech has enabled it to deliver what it describes as ‘Xbox Live on-the-go’, but it faces some serious competition from a collective of alternatives that all claim to have created the ultimate social network service for the iPhone.

For developers keen to sign their titles up to the top network, choosing just which horse to back over the next few months will be no easy task. The fact that so many studios are willing to put their businesses on the line to provide such a service can only be good news for the format on the whole. Aptocore’s statement that mobile gaming should be taken seriously may well bear serious weight in the years to come.

[From Inside Social Games]

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