Agent Squeek Hands-On Preview

Firement is clearly a company that puts a lot of time into polishing their games before releasing them. They’ve only released a few games for iOS so far– Flight Control, Real Racing, and Real Racing 2— all of which we gave Must Have ratings. So our ears perk up when they announce a new game. Today they announced their next project, a game called Agent Squeek. We got our hands on the iPad version of the game for a quick preview. Read on for the details.

Agent Squeek stars a cheese-craving cartoon mouse who happens to be a secret agent. Your goal in each of the levels we played is to make your way to a piece of cheese, grab it, and then escape through a hole in the wall. But it’s not quite as simple as that. Cats are on patrol in the environments, walking along set paths like the enemies in a Metal Gear Solid game.

If possible, you want to make your way though the levels without being seen. If a cat sees you, it will give chase, lunging at you if it gets close. The cats in the opening world are pretty slow and dim-witted, but we were assured that they become smarter, faster, and more powerful as you progress.

You view the action from a top-down perspective. To move, you touch the mouse and draw a line where you want him to go. It feels perfectly intuitive, just like guiding planes to runways in Flight Control. The levels we played were set in suburban houses. As we progressed through the suburban hub world, we picked up pieces of a blueprint that gave us hints about what to expect from the world’s boss. Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could face him, but he seemed to be some sort of giant robot.

The developers promise many hours of content, with tons of levels set in a variety of environments, plus a lot of replayability. Like in Angry Birds (and many other casual games), when you complete each level, you’re awarded up to three stars for your performance.

We weren’t able to get any screenshots or video of the game yet, but the graphics look cartoony and appealing, and the soundtrack is straight out of the 007 movies. Agent Squeek will come out for the iPhone and iPad sometime this year.

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