Afterpulse finally released for Apple TV with Siri and MFi controller support

The Afterpulse was one of the key games shown off during the Apple keynote introducing the new Apple TV. But it was missing from the Apple TV App Store, until now. Available starting today on the Apple TV App Store.

The AfterpulseThe Afterpulse is one of the most amazing looking first person shooters ever. While I still have a huge problem with the free to play and stupid gatcha system in the game, you can’t deny that it’s fun, well made, and has some of the best graphics ever on mobile or unconsoles.


The good news is that the game has been spruced up a bit for the TV. The menus have been better tailored to the screen, and it game works with both the Siri remote and with MFi controllers. The Siri remote control works rather well — holding the remote naturally tilting left/right and forward and back moves the player in the game. And it works, dare I say it, very well. But any serious FPS player is going to use an MFi controller and full support is there too.

Afterpulse is available on the TV App Store (search for Afterpulse) now.

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