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Underwrite STP and reach your core demographic without breaking the bank

Recently we switched from display advertising to underwriting sponsorship as a way to continue to deliver the quality curated content our readers crave. The sponsorships are less intrusive to the readers and provide a great way for sponsors to get their message across.

An underwriting sponsorship of Slide To Play is a great way to reach our influential audience without breaking the bank and hiring Kate Upton. It’s also how we keep the lights on and maintain this amazing resource.

Wondering why you should sponsor us? Slide To Play is influential in an industry that sees hundreds of new games released and most ignored every day. Our opinions and our posts have helped move the needle for mobile game developers otherwise struggling. Not only do consumers see your details, but those influential in the industry do as well. Sponsorship of Slide To Play is the best way to get noticed in mobile games while building a brand.

It’s also a great way to show support for Slide to Play. Slide To Play has been supporting the mobile game industry since 2008. The only way we can continue is if that same mobile game industry supports us too. Sponsorship is the only way we can keep the site live, the bits flowing, and the games playing. Read more on keeping this ecosystem thriving here.

We offer sponsorship opportunities in both the form of underwriting sponsorships and limited, clearly marked sponsored posts, both via /syndicate.

If there are any further questions on advertising, feel free to get in touch.

Weekly Underwriting Sponsor – Available through /syndicate

Slide to Play sponsorship is available in limited numbers in the format of weekly underwriting sponsor. These posts are clearly noted as such on the site, social feeds, and on our RSS feed. We’ve teamed with /syndicate to offer this service. You can see the availability of our underwriting sponsorships below.