Activision Bringing Pitfall to Mobile Platforms

When Activision opened up its mobile games studio in Leeds, UK, the Internet collective assumed that the team was put to work on a mobile Call of Duty game before the programmers’ butts even had time to hit their chairs. Looks like people were wrong on the Internet, though: the studio’s first project is actually a Pitfall game.

“In setting up there has been a lot of interest given the publisher we are working with,’ Activision’s Marty Brown told MCV. Prior to being recruited by Activision, Brown was the co-founder of Team 17, the studio behind the Worms series. ‘In the third week of May we revealed we had the studio, and yes it is based in Leeds, and we have hired some key talent in the form of Mark Washbrook and Mark Lloyd [formerly of Rockstar Games].

‘The first game we are making is in fact Pitfall, which is 30 years old this year.”

Presumably, the finished mobile product will be capable of displaying more than five colors on-screen.

Pitfall, which first hit the Atari 2600 in 1982, is still regarded as one of the most important action games ever released. Its graphics, pixelated though they were, pushed the 2600 to its limits, and its gameplay was significantly deeper than the single-screen high score arcade game ports that were popular on the 2600 at the time.

Pitfall was Activision’s first big release, so a mobile rebirth makes a lot of sense. Brown promises that the new Pitfall is a ‘fresh take’ on the property (which has been re-visited and re-made by Activision a few times over the past 30 years), but he won’t offer up details just yet.

We propose a game wherein you’re an alligator that swings over pits of gator-eating men.

[via MCV]

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