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Welcome to the new Slide To Play


With the new site comes a new focus, to become the go to source for catching up on what’s important in mobile gaming. We’ll plow through hundreds of stories from dozens of sources every day to bring the most important stories to our readers. The goal is to help our readers stay informed on what’s hot in the mobile game world and maybe even find a few new games to try.

We do the hard work and filter out the duplicate stories, the clickbait, and the uninteresting stuff and bring the core stories to our readers. For each sourced story, click the link to be taken to the original site for full details.

On the front page of Slide to Play there are two main sections. The top holds the most important stories of the last 48 hours. These “double wide” stories are what we curate as the must read stories, reviews, updates, etc. This is the quick catch up for those in a rush.

Below that are other top stories, but perhaps not as important as the top list. The lower list (single wides) can be extended to view as many stories as needed to catch up.

All of our stories are organized under a single game page — a chronological list of stories relating to that particular game. Clicking on the link in the lower right of the story box brings up the game page. Scroll up for newer stories and the game details — scroll down for older stories. This “game hub” gives us a chance to add more features revolving around that game in the future. We’ll post when there’s more to look at — but this will be a key to our forthcoming game discovery engine.

We’ve also launched a daily email newsletter to get the day’s most important stories in mobile gaming delivered to your inbox. Sign up for our mailing list here.

Take a look around the new Slide To Play, kick the tires, and give us your feedback. We make this site for you, what do you want to see?

Jeff Scott
Editor / Publisher, Slide To Play

Staff Bios

Jeff Scott, Managing Editor / Publisher
Jeff created 148Apps and built that to one of the most respected mobile app blogs this side of mars. Jeff has taken over Slide To Play and has big plans to take it to the next level to help address the issues faced in mobile games coverage. Twitter: @TheAppivore.

Chris Reed, Editor in Chief
Chris Reed has written for Slide To Play since 2009. His preferred video game genres are Western RPGs and platformers, and his favorite games include Skyrim and Super Mario World. Follow Chris on Twitter: @_chrislreed.

Nadia Oxford, Editor
Nadia began playing video games when she was four years old and far too young to understand the emotional conflict that kept Mario and Donkey Kong out of each others’ arms. She still doesn’t have all the answers, but she does understand why the Princess must be found in another castle. Nadia survives through freelance writing, somehow. Her work can be found at Gamezebo, Nerve, 1UP, Edge, GamePro, Mania, About.com, What They Play, and The Daily Tube. She lives in Toronto.

Martine Paris, Features Editor
Martine Paris reports on the scene from the floor of industry’s top trade shows providing fans a glimpse into gaming culture with her popular guides to show programming and parties. She’s written for a variety of other media sites including Pocket Gamer and AOL Music. Follow Martine @contentnow.

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