Transformers Battle Coming Soon to Mobile Platforms

‘Autobots–Transform and deal me in.’ Last Friday, DeNA and Mobage spilled the first details about Transformers Battle, a mobile card-battle game that stars the Robots in Disguise. Though the game is meant to be played between you and your pals, go ahead and imagine Starscream throwing down a fistful of fixed cards while shrieking about how Optimus Prime cheated to win.

In Transformers Battle, the Earth is at war, and players can either choose to defend what’s left of our mudball, or strip it dry of resources. That means you can choose to play through the game’s Autobot or Decepticon story, complete missions, earn credits, and recruit more Transformers for your noble or nefarious cause.

As you play on, you can take down bosses and even fuse Transformers together for the ultimate burst of power. Kids, say hello to Rodimus Prime!–Oh, wait. That’s been done.

There are hundreds of cards to collect in-game (including Transformers and weapon cards), and true to most card battling games, you have your common, uncommon, rare, and super-rare selections. You can strike out at your opponents and friends with melee, ranged, and speed attacks. You can also partake in three-on-three battles. Finally, keep your eye on the Space Bridge: New Transformers arrive every day from Cybertron, and they might be willing to fight for your cause if you ask nicely.

Transformers Battle is the first game to be born under DeNA and Hasbro’s exclusive three-year mobile agreement. In other words, if you want to see more Transformers on your phone, buckle up, because more are surely coming.

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