Tech loving bear steals unfortunate fisherman’s iPad

Does a bear steal in the woods? Apparently so, and they have expensive taste in tablets as one poor fisherman found out this week when a lone granola bar – and a bit of phenomenally bad luck – enticed an enterprising ursid to filch his backpack from him.

Normally, this would be the sort of situation you’d be expected to laugh off and chalk up to nature being nature, but the fisherman at Jenks Lake in San Bernadino, California pursued the bear down a hill and into the woods – all because his iPad was still in the backpack.

While a bit easier to (if you pardon the pun) bear than the loss of an iPad to an unscrupulous stewardess , it’s still cold comfort to the man who went home $500 poorer.

The theft looked exactly like this, but with less boat and more iPad

15 minutes after the initial bear absconded with the stolen iPad, the campsite was visited a second time by a bear – believed to be the same animal – who made off with a Tupperware full of food.

While the Tupperware was later recovered, park rangers were unable to locate the missing iPad. To make matters worse, the densely forested area made it impossible for the rangers to track the missing tablet due to a lack of signal.

Via: Yahoo News

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